I wear many hats but the one I most enjoy is performing in front of thousands of people. I love MUSIC and I love to write songs about my experiences, good or bad. They all relate to something in my life and hopefully yours too in one way or another. Whether it's only 80 or 140bpm's (beats per minute), I like to move your soul as well as your hips and feet. Dancing is a sign of life. Allowing music to move you in every direction is an art in itself. So don't be afraid to close your eyes and feel the vibe that makes the world go round. :) Life could be over in a blink of an eye, so enjoy every second you breath in that air and follow your dreams. "If you see and believe it... it's reachable." NEVER STOP DREAMING!

Lucas Prata

LUCAS PRATA - And We Say... Let’s Go Mets!